Rain Chains

Rain chains (originated in Japan called “Kusari Doi, literally “chain-gutter”) these beautiful rain chains are presently used as an alternative to a gutter downspout. Japanese rain chains are widely used in Japan. These extraordinary rainwater chains go back many centuries, where Japanese households and temples would use it for collecting rain and saving them for later use. Even today, rain chains are being utilized in homes as a decorative gutter downspout, to make a water feature out of the transport of rainwater down to a drain or to a storage container.

A rain gutter chain adds an upscale character to your house, it becomes a part of your home outdoor decor, you can let the water run into a water fountain, or you can design a feature that will encourage the water to flow into a different part of your yard. Rain chains are available in a variety of designs and decorative rain trinkets or cups attached to them that allow for rainwater to catch along with the links and cups, creating an endearing sound on otherwise an ordinary rainy day.

Rain chains are usually constructed from copper, and copper rain chains will naturally develop a vivid green patina over time from rainwater and the elements. The simple function and visual aesthetics add to the appeal of rain chains, but for those who practice or are familiar with the art of Feng Shui, rain chains like wind chimes allow for a wonderful auditory sensation that triggers positive ch’i or flow of vigor flowing around you!